A Shoe for a Dream

Using the game of soccer to help the children of disadvantaged zones

‘A Shoe for a Dream’ is a project sponsored and supported by the founders of Muti Onlus and by AIA-FIGC, by Juventus, by Torino, by Barcelona, by Atletico Madrid, by Cadiz, by Roma, by Lazio, by Fiorentina and by many more european football team.

The objective of the project A Shoe for a Dream is to use the game of football to help the children of disadvantaged zones by providing a structured course based on the game. Which not only provides physical activity, but also the teaching of the authentic and pure values that make up the game of football. This education runs in conjunction with their day to day school education.

The intention is to collect shoes and soccer equipment (balls and uniforms) to donate to children – those living in family homes, and those living in orphanages in various African villages.

The shoes and equipment will be shipped to humanitarian organizations supported by Muti Onlus operating in third world countries and distributed to those in need.

In developing countries many people live in conditions of absolute poverty. In these areas, items considered normal within industrialized countries, are considered a luxury that only few can afford. Many children do not even have shoes to wear to school. Owning a pair of shoes to play football is a dream impossible to achieve.

The aim of Muti Onlus is to turn that dream into reality and to enable all children to play football.

In the world there are thousands of pairs of soccer shoes that take up unused space in cellars or in warehouses. These shoes could bring happiness to many children and enable them to realize their impossible dream.

How you can help us: To contribute is very simple. Just collect soccer shoes that you are no longer using, give them a good clean and some basic maintenance if required (for example replace the laces if necessary), and give to Muti Onlus. It’s important to then tie the shoes together to avoid them separating. The association will send it to Africa and ensure that they are distributed fairly and that they arrive in the hands (and on the feet) of those who really need it.

Even a small donation will help to better the living conditions and
alleviate the suffering for so many poor children. Help us make them smile.

You can donate using:
Credit card or debit card
Bank Transfer (Intesa San Paolo): IBAN: IT68Q 03359 01600 1000 0011 6203 SWIFT/BIC: BCITITMX
Paypal Transfer: paypal@muti.org
All donations given to Muti Onlus can be deducted from annual tax declarations. Law 14/05/2005 n.80.