One World Play Project

Using the game of soccer to help the children of disadvantaged zones

‘One World Play Project’ is a project promoted and supported by the Muti Onlus Association.

The aim of Muti Onlus is to enable to all children to play football by providing them the resources needed to play like the One World Futbol.

With the nearly indestructible One World Futbol, children can play on … forever. The One World Futbol never needs a pump and never goes flat, even when punctured multiple times. The unique ball is designed to last for years in the harshest play environments, giving organizations like Muti Onlus the resources needed to run programs most effectively.

In developing countries, many people live in conditions of absolute poverty. In these areas, items considered “normal” within industrialized countries are considered a luxury that only few can afford. Many children do not even have shoes to wear to school, and most play football with “ragballs” – trash that has been tied together with twine or plastic bags. Owning a pair of shoes and a proper ball to play football is a dream that is impossible to achieve. The aim of Muti Onlus is to turn that dream into a reality and empower children through play.

How you can help us:
To contribute is very simple. You can choose between two different options:

Buy One Give One
Buy a One World Futbol, and one will be donated. For every One World Futbol you buy, a second ball will be given to organizations supported by Muti Onlus working with youth in disadvantaged communities worldwide such as refugee camps, war zones, disaster areas and inner cities.

Give Balls
Don’t need a ball for yourself? Then just give! If you don’t need a ball for yourself, you can buy One World Futbols to give directly to organizations using play and sport to teach life skills and foster social change. Your purchase supports peace and development humanitarians programs around the world.

You can donate using:
Credit card or debit card
Bank Transfer (Intesa San Paolo): IBAN: IT68Q 03359 01600 1000 0011 6203 SWIFT/BIC: BCITITMX
Paypal Transfer:
All donations given to Muti Onlus can be deducted from annual tax declarations. Law 14/05/2005 n.80.