Football Africa

A journey into grassroots football in Africa


A book to give praise to the purity of the game of football in africa. Football Africa is an ‘editorial’ journey with the aim of discovering the core of the most loved sport in africa. Football represents for this continent an escape from everyday problems and suffering. The children even manage to smile when they can get together to play it. Even if the football is a bunch of rags tied together with string, even if the shoes are three lines drawn on their feet with chalk, even if the goal is formed by a couple of branches and even if the stadium is just an expanse of dust and mud.
The only rule is have fun!

Football Africa is a poetical journey.
A journey made up of images, emotions and dreams.
A journey to reach the very heart of africa and its way of living sport.
A journey to discover the true, pure values of football, social education within everybody’s reach, capable of wiping out every form of racial prejudice, class conditions, religious faiths or culture.
Football Africa reveal the roots of the african football culture.

All of the profits from the sale of the book and the photographic exhibitions are used for humanitarian aid projects to assist children who unfortunately do not only suffer from extremely poor living conditions but also fatal diseases such as hiv, tuberculosis.

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