The numbers shown below regarding the living conditions of the children in the world, reveal the alarming statistics. One in four children live in conditions of absolute poverty. (Data collected from The UN.)

- 270 million children do not have access to medical services
- 90 million children suffer from hunger
- 250 million children are exploited and forced to work often in dangerous conditions
- 120 million children do not go to school or have access to education

The long term vision of Muti Onlus:

- a world in which all children have what they need in order to live;
- a world in which all children receive adequate medical care;
- a world in which all children have the opportunity to go to school;
- a world in which even the most disadvantaged children can lead a happy life with the possibility to play and to enjoy themselves with other children from all backgrounds.

Muti Onlus supports and promotes projects for the most remote areas of the world. With the aim to provide these children the possibility to play in serenity, peace and joy. The game is a right that cannot be denied to any child. Apart from being an important recreational activity, it is also an essential educational instrument.

Muti Onlus has decided to use the game of soccer to help the children of disadvantaged zones by providing a structured course based on the game. Which not only provides physical activity, but also the teaching of the authentic and pure values that make up the game of soccer. This education runs in conjunction with their day to day school education.

Careful attention has been dedicated to the formation and acquisition of the trainer-educators that will have the important task of following the children in the most important phase of their development. Their most important role being to provide the best possible instruction.

Soccer is a game that gives joy and serenity to those who play. For this reason it is important it be practised in the correct way respecting fundamental ethical values like fair play, selflessness, friendship and the respect of the others. Values that will help to form the best way for the children to play, and in turn, live their lives.

The Mission of Muti Onlus: to safeguard and protect the fundamental rights of the children.

All the projected plans have the primary objective of guaranteeing that the children attend school whilst giving them the possibility to play and enjoy themselves, creating a more healthy and serene development.

The following objectives determine a forecasted code of behaviour:

- to develop the project in collaboration with local agencies allowing the children to grow in their natural environment remaining in contact with their own family;
- to utilise the majority of the donations collected to try and reduce possible further operating costs of the project as it continues;
- to control and utilise the donations in the correct manner;
- to control the operations of the local agencies with regular visits to the sites.