Football is the most popular sport played in the world. It is an international language uniting people across the world. The power and the popularity of this sport are extraordinary instruments for social development.

In many third world countries soccer represents a means of escape from the daily suffering. The children are able to smile whilst playing barefoot with makeshift means for a ball.

The objective of Muti Onlus is to contribute to the realization of a better future for Africa, using above all, but not only, the force and the popularity of soccer. This sport being not only a simple and beautiful game, but a whole lot more:

- enjoyment: the game of soccer is an essential instrument of growth that joins the children during an important stage of their development. Whilst playing the game the children learn to relate to others in a correct way forming lasting friendships;

- promotion: the game of soccer is a means in which to communicate information and advice, as well as to encourage the participation in and promotion of health programs regarding the prevention of diseases such as HIV/Aids;

- social integration: soccer provides the feeling of unity through involvement, joining countries and people all over the world and promoting social integration without the prejudices of race, sex, religious faith, cultural or political preferences;

- education: other than being an enjoyable recreational activity, it is above all an essential educational instrument. The laws of soccer are applicable to the laws of live;

- authenticity: soccer is a beautiful game enjoyed by millions of people. It teaches pure and authentic values of sport like fair play and tolerance;

- social medicine: in the majority of countries of the world soccer represents a way of escape from the harsh every day realities. The children who play are able to smile and feel dignified – feelings that they are denied of every day;

- peace: the game of soccer has played an important role in periods of crisis. Examples include the Mediterranean State Derby and the International Challenge played between cities of the former Yugoslavia which unveiled reconciliation during the time of civil and political war;

- school of life: soccer is a game that gives joy and serenity to those who play. For this reason it is important it be practiced in the correct way respecting fundamental ethical values like fair play, selflessness, friendship and the respect of the others. Values that will aid and assist the children in the game of soccer and the life in general.