A gift in your wil

Choose to make a will in favor of a non-profit agency is a great act of solidarity and responsibility towards his family and those most unfortunate.
The will is the best way to give continuity to their values and their own desires, leaving a concrete and positive sign for the future and giving meaning to their lives showing the greatness of his soul.

After thinking to protect their loved ones through the legacy of some of the assets to the heirs, is possible to allocate the other part to Muti Onlus for the realization of humanitarian projects.
It’s possible to leave to Muti Onlus a sum of money, securities, shares, investment funds or severance pay.
Personal property like jewelry, furniture, vehicles or works of art.
Realty like an apartment, land or a building.

All donations received through bequests are immediately allocated into the funds for the realization of humanitarian projects Muti Onlus in favor of underprivileged children. Any amount in excess of the implementation of ongoing projects are incorporated in the association’s assets and will be carefully and trasparently managed for the implementation of future projects.

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